Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i was in da library of school
damn suprise tat i'm reli tat hardworking to do my staff here ...
and yes !!
i just finish the slide show assignment
still got 1 more assignment and the tutorial practical homework to go
erm .. just cant blif tat this is hui wen

ok .. stop crapping
just feel like wanna blog a little bit since i long time didn upload the blog
and for the release tensio purpose

ok, reli sry here
coz my blog is just like keep looking backward wif wat i did ..
i have to apologize here ..
sometimes i just lazy to upload
or i just hav no time

refresh back to 8/2
the birthday of guoyao , his gf and yeheng's gf
its too sweet tat a couple hav de same date of birthday
and yeheng tat case is he birthday was 7/2 , n the gf was 8/2
how coincidence is tat ?

anyway ..
tat night i was been dated by miss vni
then v head to curve for movie and some windows shopping
cam-whore as well for sure

meet yeheng there ..

i 4got his name
but in this pic .. he actually acting like hugging the datuk ..
and all of us just keep laughing behind .. =p

pink panther was just awesome
v laugh all the way from start til finish movie

after movie
me n vni just like siao po ...
non-stop cam-whore-ing

have u ever notice this thing at curve
try the watch the water droples as long as u can
then u wil noe wat i talking about actually
it will flow in wat direction u want

the most funny pic of the day

c how rude is the gal ..........
too bad =(

to be continue the next post

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