Thursday, February 12, 2009

i cant sleep

0100 right now

i cant sleep
and i hav nth to do ..
so i decide to blog here

i suppose to post this article long time ago
but i always forgot ...

so ... let me post it right now

its the m.i.c.e student's gathering
it will be held on every semester as a welcome to the new intake juniors
but dunno y , last sem v skip this gathering ..

ok .... lets start now

this gathering will be done by sem4 students

so .. the preparation -->

while waiting the junior


the event organizer - shi yen
giving the welcome speech

then speech given by the lectures
skip tat ..

but pic is here

Ms. Yati & Ms. Farisha

Ms. Karen

and then start game

i just lazy to explain our game here ..
but the photos downstairs is the punishment

she is so the ........

and obviously thats me

any ques wanna ask ??
or comment ??

erm ........
very sorry if ur ugly face is here .... =p

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