Sunday, February 20, 2011



餐厅的食物起价,有些还‘用心地’推出一年一次的情侣套餐 (其实只是方便主厨,一次性的煮一大锅,省时省力,还可以赚多些)
Shopping Complex 情侣超多,没有parking, 什么事情都要排队,戏院也‘爆磅’


Babe 提议到 Victoria Station 享用晚餐,我就上网看看价格, 也比较有没有更好的选择,出乎预料, Victoria Station 的情侣套餐只需 RM95.90++

Zoom zoom zoom !!

帮帮眼, 请告诉我是不是清楚写着 RM95.90 ++ PER COUPLE
结果尽然是RM95.90++ per person, WTF ??!!

算了,叫A Lart Cart 比较划算,应该也会比较好吃.. 加上一瓶 Sparkling Juice, 照片如下

饱 !!但说不上赞..

用完餐,原本打算去看场电影, 结果到处都满了,最后决定回家


我是庄家,赌家开10咖,输得他叫妈妈 =)


能成为你的掌上明珠, 是我最大的幸福。。

You're so wonderful, I'll tell you everyday..
You'll never need to change, just stay as how you are..
I'll call that perfect.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wanna be your heart and soul

SORRY for late update , I'm seriously damn lazy and no mood to update recently, paiseh

Hows my life goin on ? So far so good I would say.

I been to Berjaya Hills a.k.a Bukit Tinggi before CNY start. It's mom's company trip and we took tat opportunity to have some holiday. There was a nice place for relaxation, but just a 1 night stay is more than enough. You'll need to bring food up there, or else you gonna pay that freaking much for a meal ( ig : RM6/tin of 100plus ).

The weather was freaking cold, I was kept struggling all the time !! As you can observe, it rain almost everyday before CNY start, such a weirdo.. and even I'm just middle of the hill, I can't really stand the coolness. And FYI, there having 'fur fur rain' and strong strong wind all the time.. >.<

I sincerely says that, I LOVE MY FAMILY PRETTY MUCH !!

and truely means that, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING !!

Then is ' nian 30 wan' for the reunion dinner, and 'nian chu 1'.

I have the one and only picture for CNY... When I was on my way back to hometown.

'Nian chu 6' was my uncle's big day. He rank the smallest in my father side's family. Oh finally, Grandma got to see every of her children get married.

CNY almost coming to the end, today is the last 2 days of CNY. Basically I felt that the CNY this year was sucks. No CNY feel, no nice place to go, no point, no nothing... Only eat, drink and gain weight, and we almost gamble everyday coz of the 'CNY ma ~~' oh FML

Ciaoz =)