Thursday, July 19, 2012

Singapore Getaway

I forgot when was my first time visited to SG.. It was my family trip, and I can only recall some memories thru photos. After so many years, finally I have the chance to go SG again. The first time is end of March, went there to meet client and cousins. It was a short trip, only 3D2N, oops, should b 2D2N cause I landed SG on midnight. But too bad that the second day I get sick, high fever n cough, so just sleep whole day at cousin's hse until the time I should depart to Airport. Sob Sob ...

Anyway, this post is to story about my second visit to SG, which is on end of Jun. A more exciting trip and I've visit quite a number of place. This is also a Semi-holiday-work trip, but I spent 4D3N here. =D

The 2nd day I meet up with our VKA business partner, iFast Singapore. So I been to Raffles, where all those tall & big building located at. Hmmm.. Some sort of our KL city.Thanks to Wee Kiong who brought me to Level 33 for very nice lunch! Such a great experience that I can view the whole SG ! I guess it would be nicer for night view. 

Then I took a walk to Marina May Sands (MBS) .. Yes, walking ! I do enjoy the whole journey, enjoy the wind, enjoy the scenery! That's always my ideal travel "pattern" .. 
Haha, working hard to achieve my dream ya =)

The super famous hotel ! Huge one ! 

Finally I meet up with this out-going gal, Phinn Tan
We knew each other for about 2 yrs but never meet up.. Haha, silly ? Anyway, she's a very friendly gal. We spend a day together on Orchard & Bugis ..  :)

Here you go, Bugis street ! Girl's heaven !
No doubt, their fashion trend is really faster than M'sia and guess what, it's super cheap too ! I got new cloths which just cost me SD5 ! Thumbs up ! Syok ! haha =D

Night time, Phinn brought me to Clark Quay
A very happening place, so much foreigner hanging around there... We sit beside the river and chat for about an hr ++ Sharing is caring my dear :)

I went back to KL on the next day. A very #$%@%($* experience ! The first time I took bus from Larkin and I get cheated by those "no-heard" sales person. So sick of Msia culture and pls, they forced me to b racist ! God damn it !  >.<

Monday, July 16, 2012

The another side of Cheryl

I always wanna try this kind of feeling geh photoshoot, and yes ! I got the chance and I'm quite satisfy with the outcome. But bare in mind, the photographer put the great effort on editing my photo ... oops

Credit to Derick Neo (FB Page) , and please feel free to visit their website 


今天体验了人生里的另一个第一次 --> 瀑布高空跳水

在跳下水的那一刻, 我鼓起了很大的勇气,憋气往下一跳,我的身体被水打着,而身体的重量让我下沉。。那瞬间,我很希望,以往不好的回忆,不好的痕迹,也跟着一起被打掉。沉在水里的那几秒,我静静的,就只想躲在没有人看见我的地方。。

好像很悲。。但是生活中,一直有某些人某些事,提醒着以往不好的过去,不好的回忆 。。我沉住气,让自己接受这一切,告诉自己这就是因果循环。该死的!我应付不来却只想逃避。我奢望,可不可以让事情悄悄散去,我真的很讨厌,很气自己! 累了,我真的累了。。

感觉不到真实的自己,我。。 到底去了哪里??