Thursday, February 19, 2009

dinner at bangsa

the last day of the CNY
mummy's fren invited us to go the open hse which held in a restaurant
its a vietnam restaurant which located at bangsa

the food there taste soso only
but the arrangement a little bit weird
coz the sit does'n match wif the food they served

anyway, the restaurant hav a very nice environment
got the vietnam's feel ..

the restaurant

these pic v took when the night still young

beloved mummy n me

the sis wif me

the opening

inside the hotel

she look ' long '

the sisters

tats my real reaction ler
stupid sis bite me so hardly

only me

the 2 couples

they even got the fireworks ..
[ enhancing the sky ] ?

and the stupid photo of the day

hong keat n me

she just like to disturb me ..

the photos downstairs is took by my sis
i love it .. =)

after 38 taking all those pic
then v just sat down and chit chat
hong keat treat me & dear as his so called customer
and promote the insurance thingy to us

aftertat , sis complained tat got a lot mosquito bite her leg
then v move into the restaurant
hong keat still talking wif dear
but i m no tat interest to listen and reading magazine at a side
perhaps i m too tired and not in da mood to b a listener

bla bla bla
v ciaoz at 11-ish

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