Monday, February 9, 2009

C.N.Y. part 3

time to go 拜年 ^^

the 1st station , chee fai's hse , coz its the most far , near 1u
me, edmund , hong yee and pey shin went to his hse 1st
shawn fetch others ppl
but suddenly ..
shawn called and told me that his car ‘ 死火 ’
coz of the timing belt broke edy ..
oh .. how pity it is
but anyway,
they still can manage to reach chee fai's hse by using another car

2nd station is my hse
eat and drink
and ...
da gamble is a must in C.N.Y.
so v started to gamble ...
bla bla bla

then 3rd station
edmund's hse
like last year, we hav our lunch at his hse
thx to the mummy who prepared for us ..

then move to Pn. Yong's hse
a very long time no c teacher

chit-chat this n that ...
gossip here n there ..

next station is pao shing's hse
wat to do ??
gamble lor ...
just keep repeating this activity in every1's hse

after that move to carol's hse , chen yi's hse

own by chen yi
i realise that i reli fall in love wif doggie .. =p

i went back home to leave my car and brough some shirt to change
as v plan to hang out til mid night

kaisven came over my hse to pick me n edmund
and move to his hse
bath and gamble ..
bla bla ...

7-ish , then move to henry's hse
hav dinner there and 捞生

then the last station was shawn's hse

photos again -->

2 guy acting lovely

last but not least ~~

then v went 1u to watch movie
[ i n k h e a r t ]
erm .. dun ask me hows the movie ..
coz i fall slept .. @@

-- to be continue --

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