Friday, June 27, 2008

wat the fcuk was this celebration ??


haha ....
hahahaha .....
hahahahahahaha ......

i laugh out loud man ~~
i should do like tat !!!!

ya ..
i should laugh coz i was tat kinda stupid
but y my tears keep on falling down ??

oh my god ..
oh my amitabah ..
oh my jesus ..
oh my .....


our 2nd year anniversary
short ? ---> no
long ? ---> no
but .......
v passed through a lot of difficulties and hardship n go up to today
i do appreciated wat u did to me
i do cherished u

so ..
our celebration was .........

v went to 1u
( ya .. again n again n again .. )

cheong k at 1st

n then pool
i won twice today ..
but the overall is
11 VS 9
he 11 n me 9

n v took these photo ..

the next station was secret recipe

both of us ...
( i look abit diff rite ?? )

ok .. solo

n he .. 38

ya .. i 38 too
coz ..
for me ..
i think i should do smth crazy on today ..
yaya ..
lets focus n c

hehe ^^

happy anniversary !!

playing again ~~

after that
shop a while

herm .. still got 1 diff style of shirt ..
but the camera died d ..
gosh ~~

anywhere .. v didn cam-whore well today ..

concern bout my tears ?

let me tell u

i went back home at 6 smth
n he went to his primary school classmates gathering

guys ..
remember i said i will b goin to zuok to support my senior's event ?
ya .. its today also
but .. i was still very fret bout the transport
i dunno how to go n back
i pleaded dear to go wif me ..
but he dun wan
he said he lack of money
n .. if he go , he will be very boring coz he dun hav fren there
he dun wan dun wan n DUN WAN !!

fine ........
since i said i goin out at nite
so he decided to go the gathering

but on today .. today .. TODAY ...
i didn go to zuok at the end ..
but he was still .........

i try to get car
n yes i got it !!
so i sms him n say i got car
he called n ask m i goin to zuok
i said i dunno the way ..
so .. the call just end up like this ..

fcuker !!
u noe y i told u tat i got car ?
when v at 1u
u heard i called my sis n ask for car rite ?
n i think u noe y i wan car ..
i told sis that today is our 2nd yr anniversary n v wan to do some celebration

but u never change ur mind to be wif me but wif ur fren
u just end up the phone like that ..

2 yrs edy
ya ..
2 yrs

u still incomprehension bout me
u dunno wat i wan ..

let me tell u
i just wan to b wif u
n today was so important 4 us
but u just leave me at home n happy wif ur fren there

i dunno y u dun wan step into my world
but y i did ?
i dunno ur fren at 1st
but now ?
i noe them well
until she share smth good wif me .. intro some job to me
but u ?
did u step even half step to my world ?
u just noe to say ' i dunno them .. i will b very boring .. i dun like to go '

lack of money ..
then y still always go cheong k wif ur fren ?
can u just save the money just for me ?
the event only once ..
not every week
can u sacrifice ur cheong k for me ?

sometimes i cancel my class just coz i wan to b wif u
u noe
b a tuition teacher ..
the impression is also important
its the believe n confidence of parents to me

but u .....
it just a gathering
n this is not the 1st time u gather wif them ..
the gathering is not like 1 yr once ..
but follow mood ..
the gathering been organized whenever they wan ..

u noe wat day is today ?
how can u so cold blood to leave me alone here ????

i'm so tired edy .....

y u like to disappointed me again n again n again ??
y u like to hurt me again n again n again ........ ??

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-LocenG- said...

i totally can feel your heart
bcoz this matter has juz happened to me
dun so sad ya...
everything will be fine de... ^_*