Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Blueeeeee

Wow, 1 week gone.....

My work is tiring and tiring and boring and boring ... Look, I mentioned twice, can you please imagine ? My placement majority are placed at Promotion Area which is Old-U centre court, not that crowd and turn on my sales are sucks !! I dunno how to achieve my target, poor thing ! By the way, working with them was not that bad and stress, we chit chat quite a lot and play around with the cosmetic.

Special thanks to Sherman who dropped by twice and be my companion on my break time... Same goes to the Yee Yee, Paisley, Steph and Emily too .... So good to have you guys around even thou it's just a while ... Cant wait to hang out on Wednesday !! I wan movie, shopping, dine and drink ~~~ wooooott wooootttt =D

I was so in love with my Spec and this noobby look suite me pretty well, right ? =)

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