Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of the 2010

Quick ! Fast !
Always wanted the time to pass faster, and now, blink your eyes, it's December !
Wow, here gone another 1 year ... Time passes like no one can imagine. What have you done this year babe ? I'm finally done my Diploma courses which is happened y'day, other than that, nothing special happen. Sad case hur ??

Well, for my another half, his life is freaking awesome at Chelmsford I guess... Winter came, Snow falling down from everywhere. I'm really jealous towards him, yet was also hope that I'm there with him so badly. But thanks god, there's only 46 days left until he come back to me... Cant wait cant wait !!!

I gonna start working today, for the cosmetic brand Laura Mercier at 1Utama new wing / old wing. I got the afternoon shift on weekdays and full day shift on Saturday and Sunday. Do drop by to pay me a visit or give me a hug perhaps ...
I'm glad to have this job, in fact, I wanted a job to kill time, and time can pass even faster like after a blink, ma boy is back to my side.

God knows how much I miss him.... )=


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