Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ah gu's wedding

oh yea .. he get marry d lor ...
last 2 week , we went to Menterkap for the gal's side wedding lunch ‘请酒’
the foods just pretty nice .. very special that cant have at K.L.

abalon not only in 1 dish but few dishes ..
they served 顿药材鸡 plus a little bit 鱼翅 instead of plane 鱼翅
then have another dishes , 鲍鱼和猪肚
very nice wei .. i miss it edy ~~~ slup slup ....
these are really much more better , more yummy ^^

another 1 tat i must mention here
the dessert
no more all those longan tong sui or whatever tong sui
this time we had coconut pudding

[ sry again .. i always forgot to take the pic b4 we eat .. ]

oh my god ...
taste so fabulous !!
try to look for this dessert at K.L.
if got as nice as this, i will inform here , or mayb u can inform me .. =)

move on --->>

erm .. c my grandma .. laugh like tat =D

this pic also ... spot my grandma again

the gals ...
aunt , sis , mom n me

my mummy

and my daddy ...

my ah gu ( 舅舅 )

and ah gim ( 舅母 )
[ ah gu n ah gim is hokien ]


let me add in some other photos here
hehe .. i steal from the album ...

their dogs were in the pic also ... so cute !!

i like this 1 the most ~~

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