Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sry to my blog-viewers

i noe i never upload my blog long time ago d ..
i apologize here ya ..


again ..
talking bout my birthday ..

wat i can say is just SUCKS !!!

Just get cheat by sunway school lar
damn !!
shit !!

its so coincidence
coz today aslo my school's orientation ..
at 1st ,
i tot my orientation is only til 12 smth
n i already went to school farking early , bout 7 smth
coz i hav to follow jim's car ..
( actually my orientation only start on 2 , but i 've no choice )

n then ...
dunno wat to do at school ..
walk here n there ... sienz !!

around 9
registration started
then i get the REAL schedule of the orientation

fcuk !!
its til 5 pm
somemore got exam !! =.=''

n then start orientation ...
can u imagine it ?
its boring like helllllll

coz of the long period of orientation
i felt very very uncomfortable , wanna vomit

finnaly ..
the orientation finish ..
n i went 1u to celebrate wif my dear ..
at tat time ..
i hav no more mood ... plus i reli felt uncomfortable ..
when i reach 1u .. de 1st thing i did is [ v o m i t ]
n its all water only ..
fcuk !!
i hate de smell !!

v had our dinner there
at 广东主厨
yeah .. i like the 云吞面 there .. damn nice !!

n then .. shop here n there ..
finally .. i reli cant tahan ..
n went back home ..

iisshh !!
this is how my birthday ..................
lame !!!!!!!

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