Wednesday, April 2, 2008


went to the curve wif dear again n again ~~~ =p

i want to buy formal shirt ..
coz our course need it ..
as lecture saids ..
to b [ P R O F F E S S I O N A L ]

so .. this i wat i found n bought

both of us

n of course
went to find shyan

erm .. around 7 smth
v just wanna walk to cineleisure
its some event over there ...
n v catch up by the MC of the event ..
he asked us some ques .. n then ask us to join the competition
wats the game hur ?
i show u de photo lar ..

ok tat is the one ...
but i didn involved in it

after tat ... went to my favourite restaurant
龙的传人 , dragon-i

i ordered this ..
not nice ger ...

but i enjoy the ' siu long bao ' so much !! =p

ok .. nth much to post again ..

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