Monday, April 14, 2008

wats goin on my life ......

attend lecture
business plan

tuition class
exam revision class
test paper

i dunno is it count bz ..
but is tiring ..

wat i can do is just
make merry thereby ( is tat rite ? ) --> 从中作乐

another thing is
i do appreciate tat i m 2nd intake
i like my classmates
n its just suite me ..
either environment or de way v communicate
just my english is too bad !!!

must improve as fast as possible lar !!!

ok , here is some of my classmates

sue , elaine , hyuna n me

de gals ..

ms farhah n me .. ( de cutest gal )

wif my mummy ~~ - ham

farhah , me , ham . william .. ( silly guy )

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ShawnKid said...

LOL. So fast all the photos go up already. Where's me??