Tuesday, April 22, 2008


i get to went MID VALLEY
miss there a lots !!

its friday
so i decide to go cititell hotel also which near MV

de most important reason for went there is to shopping
oh gosh !!
i reli need shopping nowadays
just like part of my life which is quite important

find my prom nite dress
but actually i still not yet decide wan go or not
just survey , look around

i wearing very casual or even can say its sporty
since i wanna go cititell , so i gonna change my shirt
so at the end
i bought a pair of heels from vincci
i saw this long time ago
just didn buy ....
n then
a spaghetti from MNG
n then a skirt from lebalz

n then rush to cititel
u noe wat i get from them ?

F . U . C . K

they dunno wat is sales kits
ok , fine , i explained
then they said its not yet out , not yet ready
u noe now is april ?
got this suck thing called not yet out ...?????
gosh !!!!!!

n then meeting package
they dun hav also

just a small thing
how come de hotel dun hav hur ?
just spoiled de image i tell u !!

i still got class ..
bye MV

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