Saturday, July 5, 2008


another decoration done by us ..
herm .. just a very simple balloon arch at foyer
n this is de result ...

b4 tat , when v heard tat v need to do a ballon arch ..
i was like wanna cry d ..
my god
balloon again r .. remember tat teacher's day luncheon
de deco also full wif the balloon
that time v can use helium gas n also a pump to pump the ballon

but this time dun hav helium gas , only pump
can u imagine how pity us ??

luckily on tat day
ham brought a machine from toyota company to blow in de air
wao .. reli fast n make our work much more easier ..

on de way doin ~~
i get cheat by ms yati ..
gosh ....
i reli stupid lor !!
she said wanna cancel this job edy
coz its was 5pm , very late d .. she wan go back home
her face was tat serious n fierce ..
then me n elaine look at each other ..
thinking tat izit true ..
n then miss yati very happy n say ' no lar , just kidding '
iisshh ~
wat the hell

ok , this photo ..
v actually showing our ass
but the camera girl just shoot n v r not yet prepare as u can c ~~

ok .....
i got a new ' flower name ' after this project
[ M I S S P E R F E C T I O N I S T ]
because i keep on blaming tat the arch not perfect
n keep on ' repair ' it

oh ya ..
morning .. i went to celebrity
then wait dear finish his class
n had our lunch at BBQ Plaza
yeah ..
i hav to say that 1u's BBQ Plaza is much more nicer than sunway pyramid 's BBQ Plaza

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