Sunday, July 20, 2008

BeauteCosmo 2008

ok ..
2nd part time job is already done by me ..

herm ..
i do love this job ...
coz my boss , my colleague were such a pretty nice ppl
i even meet patricia , my sunsilk roadshow colleague
n 1 more
adrian's sis ..
wao ~~
the world reli small ..
[ wat a broken eng =p]

herm ..
tats a family business actually ..
so there is no pressure when v work
no need to be so hardworking to sell ..
no such thing for incentives
everything just awesome ~~

our meal is provided everyday
rice everyday except de 1st day v ate fried noodles
the following 3 days ,
our meal is provided by PWTC , boss paid

v selling accessories ..
such as brushes , mask , make up accessories etc
tats y v only need to serve ppl when they ask for help ..
n me .. be cashier for 2 days like tat ..
so good .. no need to talk so much

v work from 10am - 7pm
de time just pass very fast ..
coz normally exhibition is tat much ppl no matter weekdays or weekends
so .. v were like ..
oh .. finish d ~~
' fong gong ' lu ~~

ok , photos here
i only got the opportunity to take pic when v finish everything

but this is de 1 v took at the last day b4 work ..

our enemy .. just beside our booth

keep everything into box edy lu

the last day v curi tulang a bit ..
go do this body art ..
tats lee ting's n mine
our pattern look similar

mine ~~

the company's name

besides tat
v also did a temporary tatto
erm .. its colourful tatto

this is mine , at my neck ..
noe wats tat ?
ppls said tat's love bite ~~~

of course i bought many thing from them also
c ~~

1 more bath gown is not in de pic
its just cost RM 30 but actually its worth RM 95
so good right ?
wuhoo ~~~~

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