Friday, July 11, 2008


i followed kah wei's car to 1u for gym today

as usual , hav de breakfast at the malay stall
chit chat a while
but i gone crazy ~~
luckily v were in de room , not outdoor
coz i reli laugh out loud ..
wat de silly language ..

i join de cycling class
yeah , my 1st time
at 1st , de coach help me to adjust the ' bicycle '
de 1st 20 min reli killing me
its reli tough to cycle n i dunno how to adjust
but aftertat , i found de ans

i m not tat tired after all
just felt pretty comfort after sweating
herm , i think de 1st 20 mins i sweat more than de after
coz i make it more smooth n yes , i sweat less also

anywhere , just 1 thing to complain
de steam room not yet repair
wtf man ~~~~~

i wanna use it !!
i hate suana , its reli dry
suck off all my moisture ..

i meet up wif my dear at 11 smth
planned to hav a movie
but timing not match
v just did a little bit shopping
but b4 tat , lunch of course

finally i visited here again
miss u lots !!

this is me

n my food

fabulous ~~

one more is de egg tart
i think i should help to do some advertisement
reli reli soft , de taste of egg just awesome
i always always pack some back or just eat when shopping
beatifically ~~~~~~~~
[ sry , i accidentally delete de photo , upload next time .. ]

i was not reli in da shopping mood nowadays
mayb coz lack of money
i long time never shop
coz of my bz n bz life
or ..
price rising of petrol !!!!!
reli affecting my life ..
i hav to spend lesser n lesser

but my dear was reverse
he wan to buy everything
shoes , bag , shirt .....
be hard up
************ sienz ***********

i tried some shirt at padini concept store
herm .. i started to like long shirt or dress
quite suite me also .. isn't it ?

not much to post ..

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