Thursday, July 31, 2008

cyber clean @ MVEC

24/7 ~ 27/7

promote cleasing agent - cyber clean
at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

i work alone at the 1st day ..
walk around de Exhibition hall ..
chit chat here n there ...
of course selling my thing as well

i ' attact ' de workers
ask them to buy my staff
n then
they attact me back n ask me to buy thier product ~~

anyway , quite enjoy during this job
i noe lots of fren at there
especially the Maybank Etiqa members
they r funny ppl , very friendly also
here u go ~~

the 1st ppl tat i chat wif was her
Ms Fanny -->
she helps me a lot , intro some customers 4 me
chit chat wif me when i was bored .. etc
ya , she just like my mummy

n then the others was here ..

they all were etiqa members ~~

will n me
he sell bed ~~

ah ming gor n me - a very very cute uncle
he selling diamond

they all just act like concierge ~~

ok ..
i stop here ..
next article will be my wella hair show experience ~~

[ sry for late update my dear frenz ~~ ]

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