Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wella hair show

my 1st modeling job
wella hair seminar

actual date .. i 4got d ..
[ old ppl ]
but anyway
i was totally enjoy during the whole event
i gain lots of experience
knew many new frenz
dyed hair cut hair as well

ya .. a new look of mine ~~~~~

lets start the ' journey '

1st day

i hav to reach OUG early in de morning
pink fetch me to de wella office

on de way
daddy was keep on saying tat m i get cheat
keep on talking crab
[ ya , i noe tat actually he just very worry bout me ]
he was not tat agree i go for this job
but finally
i went also ~~

de 1st person tat i meet wif was mei yan
suprisingly she was study at sunway coll as well
v meet at McD there , n chat there

skip all the crab , v reach de wella company / office wich located at shah alam
wait for others model
after tat , sifu start to check up our hair n decide wat colour n how to dye our hair

lets c de result


on the way

n after

n then this is mei yan ~~

[ look similar wif s.h.e. 's selina rite ?? ]

aftertat , try a bit cat-walk n briefing
this n tat , v ciaoz at 5 smth
n then rush to Sg wang to buy some stuff

staying at outside lor ~~
coz tml morning hav to be there at 6am ~~
pretty early hor
siao ~~~~~~

2nd day

models were reli be on time
reach there 6am sharp
as Emily said , no toshiba or sony ~~
[ lol , get wat i mean ? ]

but how bout the staff hur ??
late bo ~~~~

anyway ..
this was me , early in de morning

can u c my fu*king big tummy ~~~
gosh ~~

aftertat , try the shirt n also hair do

i look so fat ~~

result ~~

they told me tat this shirt has been wear by Amber Chia b4

me + oliver

mei yan + me

michelle + me

all models n staff
behind tat 1 was sifu
a very professional international hair stylist from Hong Kong

the 1st round was just cat-walk
show them our hair style

2nd round was sifu explain bout our hair colour
teach them how to get these result

so after the 1st round
v took off our shirt n left this

3rd round was our hair stylist teach them how to set the hair style for big event or on stage show
only 2 models will be on show
i was 1 of them

they made my hair 2 become a little curly

Ss-ing ~~

me n mei yan again
i like her hair's colour so much ~~

i got the gal's name , me n mei yan

me , hair stylist , ...

ray n me

during the hair do in front of all the attendence
my god ...
suffer man ~~

ray keep on putting pin on my hair
n also the fake hair
reli become ' big head '
its very heavy n pain ..

me n another model

i was so wish to take off everything which on my hair
but cant
coz at the end , all models hav to go out for show again
ok , no choice lor

i took a nap while waiting de round 4
but then at the end
v no need to show out ..
gosh ~~~~~~~
wan kick Ray !!!

3rd day

early in de morning wif my curly hair ~



finally ~~

added up =

so happy tat this time no fake hair ...

models wif sifu n Ray

models wif staffs

again ..
i 4got his name ..
sry ~~

same wif y'day
round 2 , 3 , 4

no more round 3 for me but round 4
let sifu to cut my hair ~~

while waiting my turn

oh oh oh
i was very confidence tat i will look great after all
n i tot i told sifu tat i dun wan too short

but finally ~~~

sifu cheat me !!

lost lots of my hair
the length is just until my shoulder
average length ~~

okok ...
i already use to b wif this new hair style ..
i should thanks sifu de ...
a new look of me ~~
not bad wat ~~

sry dude

dun hav the pic of my new hair style here ..
wait ya .....

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