Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Baywatch 2008

will never tot tat i will participate in any ' miss bla bla bla ' competition ..
but .. i did finally

i participate in Miss Baywatch 2008 man ~~
how dare me ??

actually i was bored on my last week of sem break
no work at all ..
so ..
i just took it like to gain experience or watever
lets go n hav a try only

there's 3 round which included casual wear , swim wear n dinner dress
gosh ~~
how dare me go n wear swim wear n show off my chubby body ??
lame ~~

anyway , here is some of the models

me n valen

i dunno her name actually
but she very pretty hor ..

c .. heavy make up again ~~
haiz =(

drinking alcohol


n then force to kiss by valen
[ hehe .. jk jk ]

at the end ...
i get into semi final ..
but i didn go ~~
ya .. do thing half way
sry ppls ~~~~~~

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