Saturday, August 23, 2008

refresh back

oh ya ..
i had skipped quite a lots photos coz of my hp's cable prob

so .. let me replace it back 1st ya ..

this is during the hair show ..
glen n me here

i do love this hair style ..
kinda noblest
but .. no more chance to make this hair style lu ~~

this .. i was well-prepared to let sifu cut my hair ~~

he was cutting d ~~

after cut , hair do lor

after all , this is me n sifu

sean n me

me n the make up artist


lets c the normal me ...
with the new hair style here ~~


i went for a indoor photoshoot also
this was the dress which i choose at 1st
but then at the end i change it

after hair do and make up

the proper 1 wif professional camera de i not yet take back
will upload a.s.a.p ya


herm .. 4got when was it d ..
i went to interview which located at cheras
n then went to my kai ma's hse

he was the kids which take care by my kai ma
tats mean my kai ma was his nanny ~~
get wat i mean ?? lol

he is kinda guai lan ..
like me lor ~~

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