Tuesday, August 26, 2008

enfagrow roadshow

another job at sunway pyramid


an awesome work coz my job scope is just simple
no sales needed n just play wif kids
envy ??

v hav few station tat kids can go ..
i think the pic can explain well la ..
u enjoy ba ~~

the story session

the pool side

the lego station

music station

the 1st day , i used to stand at the entrance there to approach ppl
god ..
how come everytime also need to stand at entrance ??
always repeat the same thing only ..
[ sir , enfagrow promotion , u can come n hav a look ]
lame ~~

dunno izit long time didn stand for so long
the 1st day was reli tired like hell

n then 2nd day
everything gone more nicely
n i used to ' snake ' n ' snake '
noe wat is snake ??
[ snake = curi tulang ]

i no longger stand at entrance but can walk around n play wif kids
thx god ~~ finally

went to pool side , dancing side n others

i do like kids / baby sososo much ..
10 more yrs ..
i born mine

v started to take photo
since there is not much customers

this is sylvia n me
she study at sun-u coll also

cheryl lam , sylvia n me

will not forgot to go pool side also ..
its so colourful ~~

the enfagrow's big owl ~~

ok ..
after work
v not forgot to play around also

i've jumped into the pool

sry ..
i 4got her name

n again .. those stupid gia play til like tat ..
they were compete n c who can win

finally ..
my 2 supervisor again

kingsley n me ..
the strict 1 ~~

last 1 was neo n me
he is more ' soft ' , not as strict as another 1

end up to conclusion
i gain another new experience n knew new frenz ~~


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