Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 kingdom @ mont kiara

its reli the truth
this is my 1st time clubbing
n its actually working + party-ing

its our graduated senior's event
so , some of us went there to support n help him
' us ' means my classmates n my sem 3 senior

at 1st , they only need 2 girls for the collect database job
but then at the end
they need 6 girls
n i was just suddenly add on

no prepare no nth
i wearing slippers somemore

v reach there at 8 smth
start work at 10 smth if not mistaken

i like the environment there actually
quite nice interior design
nice entrance

just the dancer
too over edy ..

this is my attire on tat day
its reli reli a super super short dress
luckily i got the ' an quan ku ' inside
anas borrow me ~~

tony n me

its a simple job also
i work as receptionist
just tear out the tickets n giv customers

work + snake

snake + work

finally 3am
finish work lu ..
its time to party

used to drink alcohol n dance as well

tony n me again

Ms Karen n me

Ms Farisha n me

this 2 were my lecture actually
but as u noe
event ppl are like tat
party when there is a party event

they were reli open-minded
so ..
our communication is no no no prob

i work wif this gal at the entrance there
[ c .. work at entrance again ]

angelina n me

lala n me

last but not least
this is wat called group photo ~~

can u c ppl ??

pls open ur eye bigger ~~

damn tired after work actually
so v just club til 4-ish then ciaoz

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