Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy CNY


i didn follow my parents go seremban today ..
but i got my plan for today ..

for sure ------ hang out wif frenz
i went BTS wif my darl , vni
damn miss her ler..
its long time ago v din meet up d ..

haiz !!
fucking 衰 today

i went to vni hse in da morning ..
while she is preparing ,
i aslo playing make-up thing in da room
but then ..
pok ~~ 敲到门
just luckly i didn hurt my eyes ..
but is somewhere near my eye ..
it then 肿了
damn pain ler ..

v went to lot 10 1st when reach k.l.
i meet a ' chi bai malay pork ' promoter ..
very regret i didn throw de shirt to her tat time !!

i bought a perfume
n v went to toilet ..
then i used de perfume ..
plang ~~
broke d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arh ..
gonna cry tat time ..
i just used it 1 time only ler wei
money fly d .. perfume gone d ..
n somemore
i hurt my finger !!

wats wrong hur today ..???
shit !!

after tat ..
i dun wanna stay at the 'ghost place ' anymore
so went to sg wang

yea .. reli enjoy when shop wif vni ..
try this try tat ..

but ... moments of happiness will not last long
vni meet wif her fren n went to 1u
n me also meet wif my classmate
finally .. v seperate n gether wif our own frenz

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