Sunday, August 9, 2009


just finish read farhah's blog ...
hey babe girl, ur life there quite nice wei ...
a little bit jealous de lor ....... mine is boring actually
but thanks god that the ppls there were damn nice and friendly also

hows my intern so far ?
i was placed at education & entertainment department @ sales & marketing department
while the other classmate place at sport that side

for the last week, i did quite a lots of calling ... asking for school hall , availability of function room, book hotel rooms .... following up calls ... etc
and the ques that i keep repeating was : anything wan me to help ? i'm very free now ...
oh, just imagine ...
and so shit and sad that my pc cant online actually ...
and whenever u saw me at fb, i was actually using my lappie and celcom broadband

erm .... victor said that i'm too soft , so i keep myself talk louder whenever the 'open conversation' - which means we talk to each other but at our own place

and i have the homework of think bout what activity to be held at education fair, which can attract more ppl to come and also give them a memorable and joyful time, and also creat a win-win-win situation ... star, colleges, students. anyone ? any idea ?

so far so good actually ..... will upload more post when i transfer those pic form my hp to lappie ...
nitez ppl


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