Saturday, August 15, 2009

just for you

Dear my beloved fren, Sylvester :

I never thought that you will leave us so fast and so sudden
I never thought that that is our last meet
I never thought that your sick can become that serious
I never thought that I can never meet you anymore

oh my god !!!
I thought that was just a joke !!!

why ?
why ? why ?

I blame myself that I never go hospital and visit you
I blame myself that I never send regards to you when you are sick
I blame myself that I did not concerning you that often
I blame myself that I might not have the last chance to see you

you noe what ?
You act as my bro in my heart
we used to went clubbing together last time
then you fetch me back home
or accompany me
then dance together
you actually cant drink alcohol
you actually didn't smoke
you just like to feel the music and dance

everything were stored in my mind so clearly
I even remember that we had a promised - we will bring out our bf / gf then yamcha together
but u leave without keep one's promise
u noe how sad m I ??

oh my god .... keep on keep on telling myself oh my god !!
i reli cant believe it
i reli reli cant take it .........

but this is good for you, correct ?
you are now free from the sickness

anyway ..... i will miss you !!
appreciate you as my fren / bro as i always do !!
lastly ...
pls rest in peace my dear fren ...

- love -

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