Monday, August 17, 2009

all combined rojak

advertisement : contact lenses & KFC

been choose to be one of the talent for contact lense TVC ...
thx to keith that intro me this job , and I successed !
erm , this is the 1st time I tried this and its quite fun actually
mayb coz of the module ( just a simple interview session )

i do thx those make-upper , fashion designer and some others stuff
of ya, and of course others talents as well ...
they were reli a very very nice people =)

1st scene --

just like it ... simple hair style =)

the cute gal , Ruby

2nd scene ---

Ruby also
( I hate the hair style .... haiz )

3rd scene ----

my sport look

the fashion designer

Javan n me .. the very handsome yet shy guy

lastly , the client n me .. =)


KFC --->

2 scene also ....
the 1st one i didn take any photo ...
then the 2nd 1 is with keith
the ' nerd ' 1 ... haha

oopsy ... quite blur

n this is me ...

if u reli watch tv's advertisement
u can see this advert , its already out !! but very hard to c me... coz i'm just a [ k ler feh ]

a day out wif dear to the curve

already forgot when we done this window shopping ...
but definately is b4 my internship
just some snapshoot here

I wan the skirt ........ can any1 buy for me ?

then tea time .... @ secret recipe


and this .... ( i forgot the name d , paiseh ) but taste quite nice


another day out wif dear to mid valley b4 my internship as well

enjoy ourself at Delicious ...
which the dessert reli melt me to heaven =)

and the environment there was reli nice

and then the sweet couple ...


n me =)

goin to bed now ... c u tml guys


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