Thursday, November 15, 2012



It's a lonely Thurs, It's a public holiday ! Well, my initial plan is to go back KKB and have a walk & photography session... by myself alone ! Yea, Just wanna get myself out of the city and relax a bit, feel the nature and the 风土人情味... But too bad la, 天不作美, rain so heavily early in the morning ! Then I got my monthly illness came visit me, god damn it ! P.A.I.N !! 

As usual la, PPS a while, work a while, eat a while, shit a while, sleep a while... but fb-ing all the while ... hahahaha ..... I browsed through the timeline from 2009 to current, view thru every post , fresh back all the memories ..

Oh dear, I'm reli glad, glad, super glad that I have all of them in my life. So called ma vvvvipss. Without any of them, my life wont b like this, seriously ! 
I apologize, if I did anything wrong and hurts you guys. 
I apologize, If I missed something about u guys.
Yet, from my deep heart, you guys are all the best for me ! I appreciate whatever you all gave to me, done to me... Thanks for all the forgiveness, the acceptance etc. 

Tong, Yee, Shawn, Wei, Sven, Henry, Siow Pei, Carol, Chen Yi, Pei Shin, Sherman, Chee Ming, ArYong
My life's complete thanks to yousssss ....

-- X.O.X.O--

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