Thursday, November 29, 2012


某种机缘巧合下,  打了个三天的散工,认识了班美女,也见识了何谓3D 那特出的效果 。。

Angeline | me

Priscilla | ?? 

 这就是人们疯狂的 Lego 模型,是真的很可爱一下啦,再加上价钱也很公道
One full set cost RM200.

再来就是这巨型 Lego 模型 F1 赛车
It really really impressed me !!

Alright, I never know that there's so much Lego fanssss out there, whom really willing to Que up early in the morning just for the cute little car models. Of course, some parent bought for their kids as their birthday or whatever present. Haha, 小孩永远都是那么的天真,那么的容易哄,那么的容易满足。。。

It's a great experience I would say. Earn $$$ is the main point la of course.... 
And, not to forget someone's special request .... 


身边多了个 ‘歪’


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瑜珺 said...

Lego最近真的很夯 :D