Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Pre-Kerismes

The most lovely day of the year ... oh Finally ~~~ 
The most romantic & my favourite day of the year ... oh Finally ~~~

I love Christmas for no reason, although I'm not a Christian. 
It's just a very lovely day, whereby everywhere playing the jazz type of xmas song, having fun with the friends & family, and of course not to missed out the typical food for xmas --> Turkey !
(I actually dunno why it's Turkey, and how does this started ? Whats the history actually ???) 
Anyway, I got myself a happening pre-Xmas celebration.  =D

Firstly, Let me praise myself for a little bit ... lolz
I done this !! 


Just simply got the idea of doing so ...
A simple Xmas deco for Joan's hse ! Weeeeee .. Satisfied ! =)


Before I proceed to the next, allow me to share about the gift exchange of VKA-ians ..  I done my shopping for the Xmas present few days ahead, yet I dun feel like giving it out. Ain't Xmas suppose to be full of fun and joy? So at the end .. I changed my mind and I wrapped another things instead.. muahahahahaha ~~ 
(Actually I'm kinda afraid that I'll punch by the one who get my present.. =p)

So.... here you go ~~ 


I'm creative enough isn't it ? Haha
Robert got my present and I got his .. Oh .. 冤家路窄 ~~

When he open the present, he was like... 'S.W.T !! W.T.F ??!!!!!' Coz he dont eat baked bean! and he is so called our C.K (Complain King) .. So he complain all the way.. non-stop! Muahahahahahahha ~~
Come on .. we just wanna have fun at the end ~~ Cheers ! 

Ok ! The main topic now ... Pre-Xmas celebration at Joan's new warm house !
Eiffel Towel, Her signature !  Her house's signature indeed ! Love it much !

We celebrate the 'token of appreciation' by Alex, as few of us help him much for his wedding, so the 5kg Turkey of the night was sponsored by Alex ! BIG TQ ! 
Then we celebrate for Joan's  新居入火 as well.. Not a big house, but still managed to fit in about 20 of us comfortably! 
Lastly is the Xmas celebration of course.. Group Photos were all Ang Ang theme ! Awesome-ness!

 Group Photo from Joan's Blog ... It's before the party start ! Yuhoo ~~~

Me with the Xmas tree ! 
Spot the Snowman on top of the tree, that's what I get from Robert from our VKA-ians gift exchange.

Next Post about the Xmas celebration ya .. Patient !


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