Friday, December 28, 2012

Shape Ma ChristMas

A song that I can play like non-stop and sing along like it's my song .. muahahahaha ~~ 
Ma favourite, and I've been posting the same song for the past 2 years ! 

Oh well, A meaningful one, no doubt. 
" Last Xmas, I gave you my heart.. but the very next day, you gave it away ... 
This year, to save me from tears, I give it to someone special~~"

Someone special ?
Santa hear my wish ? Do you ? 


Finally, Xmas eve .. 
I woke up early in the morning and started my housework.. Since when I stop to do so? and hell yeah, I'm pretty satisfy with my hardwork... Comfy thou  =p
Then is to prepare the simple simple lunch. 

Someone was afraid to get food poisoning due to the un-cook taufu.Oh well ... Tats my style wo .. or perhaps I should at least steam it ? lolz
I love cooking ! Yes, I really does... Especially for the loves ones .. My Family, Friends, Lover ... 
Just simply wanna feed them the best meal, even though it might be just as simple as that. Chinese says that "要抓住男人的心,首先要抓住男人的胃"

Night time, I bumped into another new gang of friends. The group name in FB really thumbs up la --> No Free . 日7唔得闲. Can't resists to laugh whenever I name it .. holy ~~~  =D

A Simple steamboat served at the host's house which is just right opposite my house area. (Just a 5 mins walking distance).  
Kinda messy ... but it's tasty ! We have another 100 sticks of otak-otakssss all the way from Muar as well. I think me alone finished about 15 sticks? It's too delicious ! Can never have enough la ... 
Oh ya, we have the Free Flow Musang King as well .. Rawrrr ~~~~ Hot til you die ! xD

Fun Fun Fun night I would say... Mah Jong, Poker cards, Games, Gambling... All out! And guess what ? The party starts at 8pm and end at 5am! Hell Yeah!! it's 5am!  Everybody look like zombie at the end.

 Here you go ... The "No Free" Gang. 


Next day, woke up at 4pm. Hahahahahahahahahah ~~~ Wasted ? It's Xmas day itself man .. 
Anyway, I just being appreciated to whatever I had. Santa really heard me wish, Emma happy beeee ~~

Dinner settled with Dato Ong at Giza's Tokyo Kitchen. Though they having the promotion of 50% Discount after 9pm. Mana Tau they don't offer that on Xmas day.. Aiya !!

Their price range for sushi is from RM3.80 - RM7.00 per piece ! But bare with me, what you eat is what you pay. Cant even compare with Zanmai or Sakae or Sushi King I swear !

Last but not least , a "proper" Xmas present for the year ! Thanks ma lovely ! It really surprise me cause I didn't even expect to receive a gift from him. Friendship means everything la, Love it max ! 

" Last Xmas, I gave you my heart.. but the very next day, you gave it away ... 
This year, to save me from tears, I give it to someone special~~" 

Nitez World ! 
--  X.O.X.O  --

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