Monday, January 17, 2011

Imma a Happy Bee

Cheryl aka Edmond's gf aka Edmond's pampered babe
Wuhoo ~~~ she is back after so long ....

Sound so wrong ? It suppose to be Cheryl's bf is back after so long instead ? Whatever , we both are holding hand together again...

4 months plus gone, both of us gone thru the life without each other. For sure his life is much more interesting than mine, but for me, I guess I gone thru the hardest time so far, to be more independent, and time proof to me that we are still tying each other so tight. Distance says that we were so far apart yet it doesn't affect the love, it make us love each other even more!

I went to airport with bf's family, I truly cant wait to meet my boy, I cant express how I feel when I 1st sight my boy appear in front of me ! No tears of course, but just so sweet, felt like hell yeah, finally... And guess what, babe lost weight like 5kg ? Omg, heart pain isn't it ... Nvm, he will be that round again very soon =)

Pressie from Paris, London ... and some Pounds $$$


My Love
Our timeless love and memories will guide us through.
My life's complete thanks to you


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雪儿 said...

oops.. wat a coincident that we name cheryl n the bf name EDMOND .. (=.=)"