Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will Miracle happen on me ?

"You are still hoping for some miracle to strike him and change him to a better person"

Remember I wrote in Facebook : You prefer single or in a relationship ? People, what do you think ? I was confused, yet I will thought of how am I going if I were single.
Ok, put aside what the shit of single or IAR, I was just hoping some changes on you... A little bit more mature, a little bit more independent, a little bit more reliable ... That's it .. Full stop.

How you want your life to be? Dream it, work hard for it, and make the dream come true. Aren't this the game rules? Or the dream will fall on you just like that, and this is what we so called "miracle" ? Please la people, fuck all this shitty thinking, you thought god so brainless? If this "miracle" really happens on you, is this going to happen again and again and again? Why are you willing to wait for the miracle rather than create your own miracle? Doesn't it more meaningful and more value? Well, indirectly, I was trying to say that people will not help you on and on and on, for your whole life. If you did not work out yourself, who the hell gonna lend you their hand all the way long in your life? Don't tell me your parents will, they will still die one day later.. Your wife? I believe there is no such a GOOD wife out there.

I'm just mature and step ahead of you... Oh well, never expect I will stop there, this is not my problem babe. I've share my thinking, my thought, I've done all I can.

After hard work, is there any MIRACLE ?

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