Saturday, May 17, 2008


yahoo ..
today no class ..
so good .........

n then ..
went to shopping also
wif dear n kah wei again
this time went to sunway pyramid ..

this is b4 go out ..
i do like this photo ..
lovely ~~

dear bought his bow tie
kah wei bought his pants n also tie
i bought my shoes ..
wao ~
crazy man ...
i hav many heels d ...

3 smth
hav luch there
at nando's

wao ..
v reli laugh out loud
v just like eating 霸王餐
v totally never pay for even 1 sen
but opposite , they ' owe ' us ..

i used de coupon to get 1/4 chicken
n then using de RM 40 voucher to pay ..
but then our bill is only RM 38++
so ......
didn pay at all
syoknya ..
but i wil never back to nando's anymore
not nice at all ~~ bad !!

n then 4 smth
i went to bought de donuts ..
1/2 dozen
i ate 3 donuts
de original 1 is fabulous man ~~
better than all

i m just keep on putting in food to my tummy ~~

n then shop shop shop lor

38 38
took this photo

de toilet is reli grand
wao ~~

went to hav dinner wif my family
korean restaurant again

wat i can say for de dinner is
i m willing to pay no matter how much u charge me
de service there is so so so nice
its worth to pay 4 de service tax ...
2 thumbs up also not enuf ler ...

this is de chopstick n de spoon
its long n thin

n then v order this
bibim-bum --> taught by kim
actually is de korea mix rice
damn nice

n then chicken bbq

this is b4

n after

n then this
i'm f*cking like this
------------> lamb
de very 1st time i say i luv lamb
its reli delicious
yummy yummy

there is more choices for side dish
quite nice also

this is de dessert
its free
n very nice ler
eat wif de sauce is more nice ..

wao ..
this is wat called ' e n j o y '

de decoration there also not bad
i wan my future hse 's dining area 's sitting is like this
is more comfort ler
i like it !!

v also took a families photo

i swear i will back here very very soon
to celebrate dear's birthday ~~

c u soon ...

i gain 2kg today
i guess ..........


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