Sunday, May 11, 2008

1st event

oh yea ~~
v r lucky !!

coz normally
students only will running their event on sem 2 ...
but then
v already done our 1st event in sem 1

v divided into 2 groups
one is in charge in de arch , sign board n de frame
another one is to made a ceiling
i m de 2nd 1

in my mind ..
i do hav my own deco for de ceiling
n then v discuss
finally .. v decided to do tat .. wif lecture's aprovement

de 1st group members
they r quite suffer actually
especially my dude - kho
kena marah tak tau berapa ka li dah ...
pity him

anywhere ...
v start to do de deco on tues
then wed
then thurs

oh ya ... thurs
a very very bz bz + bz day !!
i had done 2 test on tat day n also 1 presentation
c lar
all this thing suddenly come in de same week
n even same day

wat the hell

i reli lack of sleep !!!!!!!

erm .. skip it
continue my event
5 smth , v started our work again

[ v r goin to hang de cloths ]

[ can u c me n hyuna ?? v r pumping de hundreds of ballon , n tight it ..
hand injured lar .. ]

[ n then i tight it like tat ^^ little ' beautiful 'earthworm .. ]

[ n this 3 gals .. they doin their arch ~~ ]

until ~~~~~~~~~~
12 am
v hav to go back although not yet finish
i overnight at shen min hse tat nite

the next day ,
v r goin to school in de early morning also
8 smth
started our works again until 11 smth

F I N A L L Y ~~~~~

tada ----------------->>

herm ...
this all not in my aspectation actually
in my mind
my imagination is more beautiful ..
but this ..
my respond is not ' WAO ' , but is ' ERM .. STILL OK '

after de event --->>

[ the yellow board was already full of teacher's signature ]

[ this gal .. our ms yati n ms karen help to make her ' prettier ]

[ n this .. i felt very ' sam tong ' lar when they did it ...
v use so much time to blow de balloon til hand break ..
but then they pop the balloon only few second ..
gosh ~~~ ]

thx god
de event went smoothly

after tat .. v also went crazy ~~
of course not forgot to take picture
but its in ms yati n farhah camera ... i will upload it once i get de photo

be patient ba my reader ~~

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