Sunday, May 25, 2008


happy birthday to my dearest

finally ...
v r 18


sry to say tat ...
its not fun lor ...
iisshh ...
i'm failure ~~

planned to hav dinner at de korea restaurant
about 10 of us

but finally
went to milwaukee for dinner
n its just 5 of us ..


de steak is quite nice
half thumb up **

after de meal

chit chat a while
shift to chandran

4 of us at 1st
n then 9 of us
finally 15 of us

wuhoo ......
a small gathering
its reli fun
i do miss my classmates n frenz so so so much
n now is de time to meet up
appreciate it man ~~

chit chat there ..
talk bout our life ..
de college life ...
this n that

the gals - chen yi , wen en , me , pao shing , carol
oopsy .. siao pei not here

this 2 fella
i reli never meet wif them bout 'N' years
feel like wanna hug u all

11.30 pm
i hav to go back
i cant back home after 12
so .....
no choice
bye darlings ~~

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