Friday, May 16, 2008

hol life ~~

prinss was in her holiday now ..
[ 10/5 - 19/5 ] 1 week break

but then ..
i cant use to it
coz ..
my school life is tat bz ..
n then suddenly tat boring .. tat free ~~

herm herm

quite weird

i dunno wat can i do

but then nvm

i hav my time to chill out wif my dear fren finally

wed morning

went to play badminton wif shawn , henry n pey shin

wooohoo long long tome never meet them

actually i been bullied by de 2 guys ..

so bad ~~

this is pey shin

she became more n more slim + pretty

u all noe him well


henry + me + shawn

after tat
v decided hang out to 1u
after bath
took these photo at shawn 's hse

after reach 1u
de 1st thing to do is fill up our tummy

v r farking hungry d ...

so .. again
my favourite ---> dragon-i

i like this damn much ~~
eat when its still hot ..
wao ~~ fabulous !!

hehe .. just take a shoot
dear + me

n then went to pool


i m addictive on it

ok .. lets enjoy de photo ..
v r so serious ~~

[ s h a w n ]

[ h e n r y ]

[ p e y s h i n ]

[ d e a r ]

[ p r i n s s ] --- too bad .. who shooting skill so bad ?? cant c face ~~

nvm , this is another me .. =p

leave 1u bout 4 smth ..

coz having class on 5 ..

bye ~~

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