Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sunway life

i 4got when
v celebrate Ms. Farisha birthday
v gave her a suprise

here is 1 of the present
oh nono
so unhealthy rite ?

say happy birthday to her !!

n finally the group photo ..



today is the last day for Mr. Lai at sunway uni college
actually not too close wif him ..
but after the team building
every1 get closer =)

i attended his farewell party
erm .. should say is just a lunch time la

v chill at pink
hav lunch there
n chit chat ...

bought this cake for him also ..
cute rite ??
but doesn taste well

ok .. say bye bye to him ~~

aftertat , i went to bionic
c my ' god daddy ' ??
no la .. i date wif chloe la

we shop at Times Square
looking for cloths for tml party

chit chat wif her ..
share bout our prob ..
she is just like my sista .. =)

i had my dinner wif chloe n low at old town ..
nth special
after meal ..
back home ~~

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