Thursday, December 4, 2008


yes my dear frenz ...
i m back ...

finally i done the final exam ...
feel so so so good now ~~~
n i was working at MVEC last sat - mon
so .. until now i only free here

as i promised ..
will upload all the article ..
now start de 1st 1 ..

T E A M B U I L D I N G ( part 2 )

woke up early in da morning
then hav breakfast ..
bla bla

warm up ..

my stupid noob look ~~ kaka

1st activity -->

can understand n guess wat is it ??

v very very fast settle this 1 ..
just within 1 or 2 mins
ging ler ??

i damn lazy now la ..
let the pic to do the talking

2nd game is obstacle course
total got 4 session

1st -->

silly tony ~~

2nd -->

so free there this gang

3rd -->

4th -->

left side that 1 was me .. =)

still .. our group is the winner

so ... all these photo took while v waiting for others group to finish their game

the guys gang ..
singing n start to shake here n there edy ..

n then the gurls here

on the way back to camp side ..
farhah n me

the next 1 is flying fox
is a palia 1 i should say
coz i had tried the longest in malaysia ..
n its much mire higher than this 1

after that
back to bath n keep our thing
done all that then hav out lunch

our bags ....
freaking a lot rite ??

girls cant stop camwhore .. XD

me n my ' roomate'

natalie n me ..

n finally

end of the story ~~

a very memorable n nice trip i would say ....

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