Wednesday, December 17, 2008

night life

my night life .........
clubbing ??


its like a must in the life edy ..
but sometimes just feel like boring ..
but still ...
i always attending ..
haha .. wat to do ??
at home also boring wat ..

again ... i 4got the actual date
but at 1st v plan to eat ' lo bak gou ' which is very famous at kepong baru
but rainy day .. cant make it
then change to desa park city

whole bunch of us .. chill in the Kay's Cafe ...
talk talk talk
bout my event
bout vacation ...
laugh 99 ...
watever bla bla ...
then drink beer , eat ..
always hav fun whenever i was wif my dearest gang ..

photos session again ...

xmas is just around the corner ...
i m not like cant wait to celebrate it ler ..
but i just feel normal normal only lor ..
coz of i m in single status perhaps ..

the gang

i dunno wats wrong wif me .. lol

shawn , siao pei , me n pey shin ..


the next day ..
again ..
yamcha at station 1 ..
quite boring la this time ...

some of them playing poker there ..
then some chit chat
me facing my ' wife ' ..
not reli enjoy ...

afterthat ..
some1 cant stand for it .. he suggested to change place

chandran was the 2nd round

pic stilld not wif me ..
will upload once i get from pey shin ya ..

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