Thursday, December 25, 2008

15 dec

badminton in da morning
wif edmond . kah wei , xiang , pey shin , desmond , kaisven
long time never sport wif the whole bunch of them ..
quite fun ...

after badminton , then go hav our brunch which is dim sum ..
talk talk talk
also laugh 99 there ...

after that ,
kah wei n edmond back to my hse bath n go 1u
suppose pey shin also following us ..
but .. she dated by some1 which is more important than us .. XD

here .. while preparing at my hse

[ he is damn ugly than me ler .. hehe ]

then on the way ...
kah wei was the ' driver '
so me n edmond .. camwhore .. =p

v watch the movie
[ the day the earth stood still ]
dunno how to giv marks ler ..
so so only lor .. not too bad not to good ..

Jaden Smith ..

Jennifer Connely

then v shop a while n yam cha

my food

edmond's food

nth to do ..
then went to play pool

hehe .. long time never play pool ler ..

this kind of photo is back .. =)

last 1

noe wat brand is this ??

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