Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i was damn emo ...
coz of smth ..
n i felt like wanna drink ..
so , i caugh him to b my victim .. =p

i went desa park wif edmond

nice deco rite ??
winter ~~

tat time was around 5 smth
n v started to drink
v chill at kay's cafe if not mistaken
n then i chill wif my laptop
but then edmond was boring like hell
he just playing around wif the camera
haha .. pity him

ssense was spinning at MOS to9
n suddenly i was just in da mood to go MOS
[ oops .. nono .. coz of some reason also ]
then i invite siao pei n sherman

v went to hav dinner which is the dry bak kut teh at aman puri
damn nice ..
i was so so so miss it n its reli fabulous for me ~~

afterthat move to sunway
this is 2nd time for edmond to go club
the 1st time was brought by ssense to sanctuary
n then siao pei n sherman is the 1st time to club

wednesday night at MOS
its very very quiet
or mayb it still early

4 of us .. ' Ss ' wif the song
n i brough them to the underground n also the bar which near the smoking area
v drink again ..
chat a while ..

ssense finish at 11pm
n 11 smth v ciaoz
some of us still got class tml ler ...

last but not least
photos again

sherman n me

siao pei n me

sherman , siao pei n me

siao pei , me , edmond

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