Wednesday, December 10, 2008

practical exam

as u c .....
its a new look for my blog again ..
is this look better than previous 1 ??

back to the topic ..
remember last time i was so so ' in love ' in not to sleep ??
haha ..
ya .. got 1 day is because of my practical exam - table setting
which is this 1 i wanna upload now ..

suprise tat i got this assignment ?
erm .. its fun actually ..
but it confuse me ..
[ i think its my fault la .. coz i didn prepare well ]

ok ..
lets enjoy the pic ..
start with the table setting which done by our senior ..
just a few here ..

this look very grand .. nice !!


this 2 is quite similar ..
but i think its diff theme since 1 got xmas tree n another 1 dun hav

n then ours ..

this is done by kho
KISS to describe
( keep it simple & sweet )

done by jane ..
its nice but a little bit too much coz the quantity of the rose

done by jun haw
the theme is bright is shiny i think ... if not mistaken
paiseh ..
its ........ silver-ish

this done by hyuna
i was so so in love with this
this is smth diff tat she put 4 rectangle cloths there ..
not like others which is the long cloth at the centre ..
its seriously got the korean style here ..
suite her ..
as only 1 word to describe --> C U T E

this done by ham how
its black & gold colour as the theme
erm .. wanna eat the choc ??

this is just the simple 1
done by our senior which he was resit for this subject

done by alex
another xmas theme
i do like the napkin fold

cant wait to c mine ??
here it goes

my theme is actually valentine day
but the result ..
seem like more 4 kids lor
deng @@

pink & purple to represent romance

the hand made menu ..

n then this
suppose to put the love shape lollipop
but i cant found ..
n i guess becoz of this n make it look childish

anyway .. i done this assignment
its kinda hard but fun
enjoy the procedure is the main ~~

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