Thursday, December 11, 2008

smiling moon

i 4got to post this y'day ...
herm ..
its a miracle there ??
or should say the metagalaxy is just pretty awesome

tat day ..
ppl keep asking me go n c the moon ..
i was trying to ignore at 1st
but ..
at last i went out to my hse n look into the sky ..
trying hard to find the moon
n then
i was like


its was so sweet instead of nice
the moon & the stars was smiling at me
suddenly i was sosososo in da mood
i smile back to them as well
haha =)

i was having a very good mood afterthat
[ the moon was reli ging rite ? can affect my mood ..]
i back to my room
study again ~~
n send msg to my dear frenz
ask them go c as well

here is the pic

arh .. when can i c this again ??

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