Thursday, November 20, 2008

team building

finally .......
i am free here to upload my blog about this our event

T E A M . B U I L D I N G

its organized by sem 2, 3 n 5 event student
its for sunway pyramid operation team actually
but they rejected our proposal at last
and v cant find any other potential customers
so .. end up v go our own

actually this is not the 1st time i go to camping
i did went to dusun eco when i was form 5 last time
its school event also ..
tat is my 1st time to try all those jungle activities.
i miss tat time so much .. it remind me many memorable experience there ..

there is reli tons of photos here .. just let the photo to do de talking k ..

this is all during the preparation

our goodies bag
whish is super duper heavy coz coz 4 botels of water inside

the team and Ms. Farisha
can spot me ??

help to do some advertisement for Mayflower

the silly lala

tiring us .. sleeping in da bus ..

here is our event manager - natalie

Mr. Lai

n finally ..
Ms Farisha here ..

bus stopped at the rest station
then ... quess what they do there ..
all gone down from the bus .. n ~~

smoke ~~~~
deng @@

the rest of us .. what to do ?
camwhore of course ~~

my freaking sleepy face

farhah n me

teresse n me

prabba , me n elaine here

finally v reach there ..

on the way v walking to the camp side

spot me again .. =p

then listen to instruction and ' build our hse '


tada ~~

my hse

hav our lucn there
herm .. not reli nice
but wat to do ..
we have to eat then only got energy to play game wat

1st activity - bamboo rafting

my team here

v r the 1st group finish the bambo ^^

ready practising

now ready to compete

faster faster ..
spot me again .. the ugliest 1 ~~

finally .. the winner ..

yeah .. is our group

after that, tea time session

next , management game

v seperated into 2 team ..
v playied 2 games

1st -->


the gay couple of the day ~~

silly dylaa ~~ =)


2nd -->
this game is to build a A by using 3 bamboo
afterthat, walk thru the frame

our group

their group

after the game
then back to camp side
bath n hav dinner

dudes .. i 4got to capture the toilet ..
if not u can have more clear pic
anyway, lets imagine here
there is ladies and guy
but v dun hav bathroom
v force to bath like ' open air '
which means there is a big tong there which full wif water
then every1 bath together ..
its like NS

this is the very very 1 time i naked & bath in front of my GALS fren ..
god ..
cant imagine ~~

we have night life there also
haha ..
excited ?

nah !!

this is another activity which called solo drop
means tat each of us will bring into the jungle
each of us will be drop at a certain place
and v hav to stay alone there
no light , no phone , nth
its totally dark ..
the workers there off all the light there


damn it

i close my eyes all de way ..
n i took a nap there also .. XD
1 more thing
my right leg is numb
totally no feel even my toe and i cant move it
its just like stuck there ..
its painful but no choice

wait n wait n wait
until there is some light appear

happy-nya aku
finally ............
we keep discuss bout this n that after this activity

11 smth
i go to ' bed '
reli tired & sleepy ..

the next day 1, i will continue on the next post

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