Wednesday, November 5, 2008


happy birthday to shawn ya ..

sry for tat night
i didn reli celebrate wif u

refresh back ..
shawn = our dai lou

form 5
v always chill together , play together , siao together
last year birthday celebration
v gave u a suprise in de class ..
hey bro ..
my idea wei ~~ =p

so fast
v was in our own life
diff school
study diff thing
life become totally diff
but dun worry
1 thing never change
u r my best fren 4ever
heart u !!

this yr ...
didn reli celebrate wif u
but hope u enjoy the birthday gift ya ..
dun finish it too fast ..


hey every1
i was happy !!
because i have a puppy ..
its belong to me & darling

hoho ..
he has white colour fur ..
his name = white-ty // whitty
but v called YT
its a male

tat day after shawn birthday celebration
v went to get him

tat day
he gave darling a good present
he vomit to darling's hand
v think tat he was panic and scare la
body keep on shaking like tat ..
and keep coming out saliva

v went pet shop
bought him a ' necklace '
and ' mangkuk ' to put his food

shift to centre point after tat
wait for low and pass him CD
pity YT stay in da car ..

c he sleeping there ..

woke up by us ..

actually .. i scare dog
can ask my fren
i scare dog like hell
tat day is the 1st time
i hug a puppy like tat ..
touch him ... kiss him ..
cant imagine rite ..
all this because of ssense
i accept dog ~~
n actually its cute

YT didn stay wif me but darling
monday i didn c him
i miss him & darling like hell ler
then tues
i meet them
but ......
this time
my turn kena
YT vomit to me
all chicken
dunno is because he scare me or the food not ngam him

v went to centre point also
YT stay in da car ..

here is some pic tat YT was at darling's hse

white colour ya ..
like snow ~~

slept d ... in the huge doll dog's hug

today , i went to darling's office also
play wif babe YT
chase here chase there
jump here jump there
very cute
wanna train him active a bit
if not very fast become fat fat ~~

he not scare me anymore
started bite here n there
lick me
kiss me somemore
haha ..


this 2 dog

the ' big dog ' and the puppy
were reli important in my life now !!!

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