Wednesday, November 12, 2008

part of life

as i said last time
many many thing happened this year
i not yet catch up the thing but the thing is rushing to leave me
i was blur
always blur and lost

but now
i choose to forget bout the pass
its no point to look back again
but try to learn smth there
just let it b a lesson

11 months
i was like a fucking stupid idiot
did a lot of stupid stuff
did a lot of wrong choice
did a lot of wrong decision

but no more

cheryl !!!!!!
no more
u should start ur new life
move forward
look forward

ppl dunno appreciate is their stuff
they are whom lost the good thing

pass is pass
just dun let the same thing happen again

love is bullshit
promiss is bullshit
forever is bullshit

life is still on

the world is still de same
nth will change because of ur personal thing
only u , urself change it

everyday wake up will b a brand new day
new hope
new life

lets say congrates to cheryl

she totally wake up
n get ready for the next war

she fighting wif the assignment
fighting for the final exam

another thing was
she was happy right now

thx to those ppl always beside me when i was so down
reli appreciate it
* hug *


1 comment:

nzhaoc2pid said...

thx got including me ma??
but i seem like not always bside u hor??
anyway wish u happy always~~~
stay happy~~~
all the best to u~~~