Wednesday, November 5, 2008

school thingy

many thing .....
many practical .....
many assignment ........

11/11 - advertising campaign presentation
( poster , flyer , booklet , news paper advertising , invitation card )
15/11 - goin to sungkai - team building
16/11 - coming back from sungkai
19/11 - japanese oral test & individual presentation
20/11 - practical test & hand in the report

only a few thing here rite ??
look inside dude ...

advertising assignment hav to do research , graphic design thingy , photoshop

team building v still under managing this n that ..
finding sponsor , get fundraising

japanese ..
damn la .. need to memorize many thing , need to practise

practical test and the report
hav to come out a theme
think how to set up the table setting
decoration , napkin fold
all this hav to write in a report and must be minimum 2000 words !!
damn ..
again n again

last time did the stupid assignment
v hav to write 5000 words wif the suck essay title
and then another banquet report , 2000 words
this is easy , i can crab til siao ..

haiz ..
final coming wei
a lot thing i wanna do ..
a lot thing i wanna memorize
a lot thing i wanna participate

i miss my babe YT & husband !!!!!!!!!!!!

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