Sunday, November 2, 2008


bangkok dangerous

rate 5/10
its either nice or bored ..
diff ppl diff thinking i guess

where i working recently ??
perhaps u cant imagine or blif
i work as party gal at mystique
job scope is just party there n get pay ..

nth much to say about the club ...
just bored
haiz ...


this few days
i was alone
alone at curve
chill dunno how many hrs there ..
wif my wife here ..
doin on9 , searching , chatting , graphic design thingy

now ...
i also alone here ..

felt like i already used to it

should say i used to it long time ago actually
just ..
smth happen n made me reli emo or sad
tats y i keep finding ppl accompany me

but now ..
i got wife edy ler ...
i tell everything to her
he also wont cucuk me
so good rite ??

missing him 99 ~~~~~

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