Thursday, January 1, 2009

ribuan maaf ......
very very sry ...
i noe i was wat the so so so the long never update my blog ...
i was just lazy ... n finally i finished the hong kong movie ..

a lot to blog here ...
be ready ya dudes

as i mentioned last time
my night life was occupied wif this activity --> yam cha

4got when aslo
me , siao pei , sherman n edmond
we went to eat the lo bak gou ...
n then move to desa park

this is the only photo i wanna share ..
n .. is that funny ? or cute ??


then 20 dec
i went to curve wif edmond
wats the purpose v went there i 4got edy ...
but i took quite a lot photo there ..
when the xmas is still around the corner ..

inside the curve

outside the curve

inside ikano

the deco inside ikano ... is awesome actually
as the kids all play around wif the ' snow '
dramatically ~~

afterthat ..
move to desa park again ..

---- the coffee bean ----

afterthat just back home lor ...
nth much to do

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